Word Work

The grade 3’s began learning the routines of “word work” today. To start things off pairs were given sheets of words to cut out and sort. I loved the way they came up with so many different ways to sort the words. Then we met as a group and I sorted the words while students tried to guess my sorting rule (no problem with that). We reviewed the difference between vowels and consonants and how we can use symbols to show if a vowel is long or short. Tomorrow students will sort the words again with their partners and record the words in their word work books. We are all using the same words this week as the focus is learning the routines. By Monday October 8th students will receive words specifically geared to their strengths and needs. Watch for more information coming in the agenda and also posted on the homework page (found under “Important Stuff”).

Here are some pictures of the kids doing a great job cooperating with their partners to sort the words.

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