The Treasure Chest

Today in math students explored counting money up to $10 and came up with some strategies. The goal was to determine the total value of the coins in our treasure chest. The coins were divided up to share the work and students worked with partners to count their pile. Some students used the strategy of grouping coins to make dollars, other students sorted the coins by type and then started counting and others used a combination of the two strategies. It quickly became apparent that regardless of the strategy used it is very important to have effective skip counting skills by 2’s 5’s, 10’s and 25’s. Keep practicing these at home. Below are some photos of the coin counters.

As your child completes this week’s homework discuss strategies for counting money and have them “think aloud” to explain to you what they are doing. Please note that in grade 3 students transition to recording money amounts using the dollar ($) and decimal (.) symbols. So 85¢ becomes $ 0.85 or $ .85. Thanks for your support and as always feel free to comment here or in your child’s agenda.

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3 thoughts on “The Treasure Chest

  1. I bet the kids in Grade 3 are having trouble figuring out which coin is which on their homework sheet because the side on some of the coins are the Queen’s side of the coin and it’s hard to figure out which coin that those are. My dad helped me figure that out. Sarah

  2. You’re right Sarah, it is difficult to distinguish the coins from the “heads” side. What properties of the coins helped you? Are some coins harder to identify than others from that side?

  3. Maybe if the work is to easy for some students it’s a challenge to have the money on the queen Elizabeth side.

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