Spelling City

Today the grade 3’s explored the Spelling City website. Spelling city allows me to enter word lists which students can access online at school or home. After selecting a list your child can choose from several games and activities to practice skills. The lists will match your child’s weekly word work words as well as include other subject related vocabulary. Next week, the word work tracking sheet in the agenda will include spelling city as one of the weekly activities. This is an engaging complement to the word work program and is not intended to replace the other weekly activities. Please note that there are many free games and activities on this site as well many “premium” games and activities which require a membership. If you wish to purchase a family membership ($29.99 USD) to access the entire site you can do so but there is absolutely no obligation. Ask your child to introduce you to the site and let me know what you think. I may look into a classroom membership ($49.99 USD) down the road based on feedback.

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