Is it Friday already?

What a busy day it was!.

I was really proud of the responsibility Andrew showed this morning while he took care of pizza orders. Kevin was an excellent peer helper. I wish I could have recorded their math talk as they worked together to determine if they had the correct amount of money for the number of slices ordered.

We also had our LINC Assembly this morning to honour Lincoln Alexander, learn about courage and celebrate our award winners. After the assembly some of the grade 5’s stopped by to share their skit about courage. Well done grade 5’s!

The grade 3’s also learned a new word work game today and had fun trying to beat each other. Later in the day students worked in groups to create bar graphs to display the data collected from their Halloween surveys.

Reflecting on the LINC awards that students receive, a few grade 3’s took the initiative to make an award for Mrs. Godden and recognize the amazing job she does every day at Lincoln Alexander. Mrs. Godden also gave the grade 3’s a challenge for the month of November. Every student who completes more Home Reading in November than they did in October will earn something from the Treasure Chest. The grade 3’s are also going to try hard to get to 50 nights of reading in total so they can earn their first free book. Have a look at the number lines in your child’s Home Reading folder where they are tracking nightly reading.

We ended the day with DPA and by reflecting on our week and sharing something that we are proud of. Sometimes it can be hard to choose just one thing when the week has been filled with so many wonderful accomplishments and amazing acts of kindness.

Have a great weekend and remember to set your clocks back!

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