ePals, Mathletics & Build Your Wild Self


The grade 3’s started planning and writing their draft letters for their ePals (email pen pals)  today. We have connected with Joseph Weller Elementary School in Milipitas, California. To begin, students will be introducing themselves and getting to know each other. Later on we are hoping to collaborate on a project. The students are very excited to use their writing skills in a real life context and make new friends. Parents will be able to view all the mail sent or received by their child through the ePals website. Usernames and passwords will be added in the agendas tomorrow.

This week students also began exploring the Mathletics website. The grade 3’s have access to the site until December 14th. The feedback from students has been very positive. One area on the site allows students to compete with each other and students from around the world. Login information has been sent in agendas and students are encouraged to access the site and practice their math skills at home.


Finally, here is a website I found today that is worth checking out just for the fun of it – Build Your Wild Self. Students can send their creations to me at iris.duemm@hwdsb.on.ca using the “send to a friend” button on the website. Enjoy!

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