Cuisenaire Rods and Measurement

Today the grade 3’s explored cuisenaire rods and used them as measuring tools in the Tour of the Islands game. There are 10 different rods that vary in length from 1cm to 10cm. After estimating a distance on a map, students had to use a rod or combination of rods to measure the actual distance. The winner was the player who visited all the islands and returned to the mainland first. This was a great activity to improve estimating and measuring skills. Visit the website Math Playground to check out an online version of the rods.

2 thoughts on “Cuisenaire Rods and Measurement

    • We missed you today Sarah! The Tour of the Islands game took a little while to learn because of all the steps but it was worth it. Almost everyone agreed that we should play the game again for more practice and for the fun of it. We will also use the Cuisenaire Rods in other math units this year.

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