The Rewards of Reading

I read a fantastic post on another teacher’s website that I think is worth sharing. To read  10 Reasons Why Reading Is Important click here.  I encourage you to set a goal this week to read along side your child, read to your child or listen to your child read at least once every day. Your child can read to you in the car, you can read a recipe for holiday baking together or read a menu if you are out at a restaurant. The possibilities are endless.

I would like to congratulate students who have read and recorded 50 nights of reading in their Home Reading Logs and also those students who met Mrs. Godden’s reading challenge in November: Chanelle, Maylie, Sarah, Kudzwai, Riley, Brodie, Melanie, Samra  and Fatimah. Way to go Grade 3 readers! Some students still have not brought in their logs to update them – remember to bring them every Friday. Our challenge for December is to read and record at least 4 different genres before December 21st (last school day of 2012).


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