Cool Structures

Last week the grade 3’s started designing and building bridges to demonstrate their knowledge of strong and stable structures. Watch for updates on the progress!

Today due to the weather it was indoor recess and some students continued to build, build, build with some very cool results.

The Base Ten Block tower shown below was actually the shorter of two that were built, but we had a collapse before a photo was taken of the second one. When I returned from break the boys and girls were bursting with excitement to show me the structure. Everyone was engaged, so we had to run with this and do some estimating, measuring and calculating. First we talked about how tall the tower was and what unit would be best to measure the height with. Then predictions were shared, before discovering the tower was about 162 cm tall (we couldn’t measure exactly for fear of getting too close and knocking the tower down). Next we talked about the value of the tower and worked together to add up all the flats (hundreds) and longs (tens) and we even squeezed in some multiplication. I don’t recall the exact total but it was well over 2000.


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