From EQAO to Genius Hour

Today was the end of EQAO 2013 and the start of Genius Hour 2013. I was introduced to Genius Hour through my professional learning network on Twitter. I am very thankful for all the amazing educators who are sharing their thoughts, ideas and experiences online such as Joy Kirr, Gallit Zvi, Robyn Theissen, Michelle Fawcett and Miss L to name a few.

To start Genius Hour, students made predictions about what they thought Genius Hour was all about. Interestingly there were many predictions related to tests, quizzes, math and science. Then we watched a short video thanks to Denise Krebs. Click here to watch Follow Your Passion.

Students were very excited after the video when they understood that they were going to direct their own learning for Genius Hour. We also watched the inspiring story of Caine’s Arcade. If your child has been looking around the house for cardboard boxes watch the video below and you will understand why.

The students ended their first day of Genius Hour by brainstorming things they were good at, things they like to learn and do and things that they wonder about. On Monday they will use these ideas to determine possible Genius Hour projects and then rank them. Watch for updates next week.

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