Genius Hour Update

It was a wonderful opportunity to observe students on Thursday as they chose partners and ideas for Genius Hour. Students shared and compared their diamond ranked ideas and found others with similar interests. I loved being able to answer “yes” to all the questions asked of me such as, “Can we work with whomever we want? Can I choose an idea even if isn’t on my diamond? Can we pick anything we want?”. Eyes were wide and there was a great buzz of activity in the room. The biggest constraint students have is  time, as we approach the final two weeks of the school year. I love that instead of winding down this year we are using the end of June to wind things up. A few pictures below show students completing planning sheets outlining what they are going to learn and how they will make it happen. They also thought about materials and equipment that would be needed. What a great time to have a few iPads in the class for students to gather information and document their learning! Some examples of the Genuis Hour projects are building a castle, creating a video game and learning why Saturn has rings. What would you choose to learn about for Genius Hour?
Click on a photo for a larger image.

4 thoughts on “Genius Hour Update

    • Hi Tanya! I found out about diamond ranking here -’s+genius+hour and did some searching online for more info. Basically the kids rank their ideas with the top of the diamond being 1st and the next row being 2nd and so on. It makes a great visual for sharing ideas. Are you a teacher?

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