Have a Great Summer!

We still managed to pack a lot in on this last day of grade 3.The morning started with the handing out and packing up of school stuff and cleaning out lockers. The kindergarteners entertained us with their annual Canada Day parade and to follow we had a visit from the local SPCA. The grade 3’s learned how they can help animals, how to be safe around animals, how to care for animals and all about the cool programs the SPCA offers like birthday parties and summer camps. After nutrition break, an ice cream was enjoyed by all thanks to Sarah’s family. Next it was time for the Final Grade 3 Test. Students had to complete several challenges with a partner. The enthusiasm was tremendous and we had a blast. The grade 3’s also had a chance to meet their grade 4 teacher and preview their classroom for next year. The day ended with some snacks and one last sweaty physed class with Mrs. Moulton. Enjoy the photos from today – they are sure to make you smile.

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