Already Amazing!

What a fabulous week and it is only Tuesday! The 2’s and 3’s have already accomplished so much. Yesterday students worked on creating skits to demonstrate how friends can solve problems. I look forward to their presentations tomorrow. We had two courageous students launch our For the Love of Reading program with their presentations. The creativity and uniqueness of each project engaged the whole class. I can’t wait for the rest. The 2’s and 3’s also learned a lot about Terry Fox from our read aloud Terry Fox: A Story of Hope and from a short video. The boys and girls had a lot of questions about this famous Canadian and were inspired by his thoughtful words. Here is one of our favourite quotes:

“Anything’s possible if you try. Dreams are made if people try.” Terry Fox

Today we dug a little deeper and considered Terry’s friendship with his lifelong pal Doug. Students practiced going back to the text to find evidence to support their thinking.

In math students consolidated their learning about patterns through practice activities and games. Tomorrow we will move on to data management by starting with the exciting global O.R.E.O. project. More information to come.

In writing, today’s focus was on understanding the difference between “seed” and “watermelon” ideas. Ask your child for details.

Today’s highlight was running in the beautiful October sunshine to keep Terry’s dream alive. The enthusiasm and participation of all Lincoln students was fantastic. I think we all walked back into school feeling like very proud Canadians.

Click on an image to see the full size version.

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