Progress Reports

Last week after reflecting on progress reports, I was curious to find out what the students in room 6 thought about me as a teacher. The following day I gave each student a slip of paper so they could give me “stars” (things I do well) and “wishes” (things I should improve). They enjoyed the experience and I learned a lot about what the kids in room 6 value. Here are some of the comments:

You let students choose their own seats.
You are great at choosing books that we would all like.
You care about us.
You give us more choices.
I like that you use your voice softly.
You make math and science so fun.

I wish you would not keep us on the carpet so long.
I wish you can read more books to us.
I wish we can have more Skype calls.
I wish you had a louder voice.
I wish you gave us more time to finish work.
You should start to not forget things.

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