Blogger of the Week

This week our class had a Halloween party. We had yummy food and a healthy skeleton made out of peppers. Then we dressed up and all the costumes were really awesome and there were 5 ninjas.

By Ryder

Blogger of the Week

This week we did an O.R.E.O. Project that we stacked Oreos and we counted how many we did. It was hard to balance the cookies on to another. It was fun to do it. We Skyped with Mr. Hopkins. He was somewhere in our school. We had to ask questions to figure out where he was. He was outside of room 2. It was really tricky. My job was an Asker so I had to ask questions for my group. Mystery Skype is tricky and cool.

By Braelyn

Blogger of the Week

Terry Fox

At Lincoln Alexander every year everyone in the school runs the Terry Fox run to keep Terry’s dream alive. He started his run in Newfoundland and had to end it in Ontario. He was born in Manitoba and moved to British Columbia. Terry started his run because he wanted to find a cure for cancer. He died because the cancer returned to his lungs. He had run 3339 miles (5374 kilometres) in 143 days. He was so determined to run all the way across Canada. You can keep Terry’s dream going too.

By Darcy