Sending our Holiday Cards

Thanks goes out to Projects by Jen for this fun seasonal project. Our recent art lesson on print-making led to the creation of the beautiful and unique cards that we made last week and sent off today. We are excited to receive cards in return and learn about other classrooms and places across Canada and the U.S.


Food for Thought

To end this amazing year the students have participated in learning activities that connect to Social Studies and Science in both grades: air, water, soil, plants, celebrations and traditions, communities around the world, urban and rural communities and early settlers. These connections are centered around food. Through a grant I was able to purchase local organic farm produce, fresh Ontario strawberries, seeds and soil, as well as several books.

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A Terrific Thursday

The energetic and enthusiastic bunch of kids in room 6 had a great final day before “the break”. Wearing pyjamas and cuddling their stuffed friends, the boys and girls had a day filled with fun and learning. Some great math thinking wrapped up our unit on time. We did a few multiple choice questions together and then the grade 2’s and 3’s worked with a partner on problem solving. A key learning from today was to remember to look back and make sure the question was answered. Often in a multistep problem, students show all their work and then forget to write a sentence that answers the question. The students did a great job of organizing their work and showing their thinking using lists and charts. The rest of the day was spent finishing up social studies reports, playing Elephant Ball, seeing Mrs. Andreychuk for music, heading to the gym for D.P.A. and inviting room 4 to come and learn how to blow bubbles with us.

Science and Social Studies

This slideshow covers a number of the science activities from the last month or so. The grade 3’s completed experiements connected to gravity and magnetic force and also built their own paddle boats. The grade 2’s worked on making clay float, building boats to hold pennies as well as testing how a variety of solids and liquids mix.

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These pictures are from our Early Settler/Celebrations Day. Carrots, cornbread and variety of other foods were the highlight of this event.

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We’ve been~

~exploring area and perimeter with grid paper and geoboards  (play with an online geoboard here)
~using Cuisenaire rods to create fractions (click here for online Cuisenaire rods)
~connecting and deepening our knowledge of fractions by investigating flags from around the world 
~creating art with a metre of string
~investigating liquids via The Liquid Race (grade 2 science)
~comparing the distance a car travels on various surfaces to understand friction, click here for a virtual version of our experiment and a quiz (grade 3 science)
~baking molasses cookies for our upcoming Early Settler/Celebrations & Traditions Day

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