ABCYA – loads of math games by grade (and language ones too)
IXL Math
Math Games K-3
Math Playground – play with numbers and give your brain a workout
Puzzles in Education

Jungle Jim and Monkeys
Penguin Jump
The 2 Times Tables Song
Math Trainer – Multiplication
Sheppard Software – Loads of games here!
Schoolhouse Rock 3s
Schoolhouse Rock 4s
Schoolhouse Rock 6s
Schoolhouse Rock 7s


Centimetres – Measuring Lines
FunBrain Centimetres – 3 levels
Metric Length – conversions

Mental Math

Hit the Button – doubles
Robin Hood – doubles
Robin Hood – doubles greater than 20
Dinosaur Dentist – double minus 1
Fact Worms – doubles, near doubles, tens
Number Bonds – making 10
What Makes 10
Math Facts Basketball
Fruit Shoot – addition facts, many levels


Combo – counting coins
Coin Spot – identifying coins
Coin Worksheet
Money Master – counting and making change

Representing Numbers/Place Value

Shark Numbers
Give the Dog a Bone
Base Ten Fun
– ABCya
Base Ten BINGO – ABCya

Number Patterns

Whack a Mole

Spooky Sequences Forward 1’s to 100
Spooky Sequences Forward 1’s to 1000
Spooky Sequences Forward 2’s
Spooky Sequences Forward 5’s
Spooky Sequences Forward 10’s

Spooky Sequences Backward 1’s
Spooky Sequences Backward 2’s
Spooky Sequences Backward 10’s

Number Cracker – choose your level, find the missing number

Pattern Chomper – 3 levels, find the missing number

2D Geometry

Study Jams – Types of Lines
Study Jams – Classify Quadrilaterals (gr. 3)
Study Jams – Lines of Symmetry
Study Jams – Congruent Figures
IXL Math – Angles (gr.3)
NLVM – Online Geometry Math Tools (pattern blocks, geoboards, Tangrams and more)
Math Playground – Polygon Matching Game
Polygon Shape Shoot
Fact Monster – Baseball Geometry
Math is Fun – Definitions – vertex (vertices), side, polygonparallelogram

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