Math homework notebooks will go home on Tuesdays and are expected to be returned on or before Friday. Examples and anchor charts will often be posted below. On Fridays students will work with partners to communicate and reflect on their solutions and strategies and we will also discuss key points as a class. It is important that each student is prepared to participate. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Week of November 21st, 2016

Here is some math vocabulary that students might use to explain why a number does not belong: odd, even, digit, hundreds, tens, ones, greater than, less than, multiple, count.

Week of November 14th, 2016

The answers below are possible ways to show the thinking connected to agreeing or disagreeing with the statement. If your child has another way to explain their thinking please encourage them to share it.


Week of October 31st, 2016

Your child has a questions similar to one of the two examples shown below. Each question has 3 parts.


Week of October 24th, 2016

We are working on developing understanding of place value and how to communicate our thinking in this area. We completed the question below in class and each student was a able to generate a possible answer and explain their thinking. The 2-digit and  3-digit homework questions are slightly different but require the application of similar knowledge. If your child struggles with his/her question please let me know so I can review it with them at school.


Week of October 17th, 2016

The problems this week include some larger numbers for both grades. Students may want to use their knowledge of counting by 25s to help them. Students should choose a strategy that works best for them and may be different from what was discussed in class today and what is shown below. Click here for printable hundred charts if needed.


Week of October 10th, 2016

The problem below is similar to the homework problem and to one we completed in class today. Many strategies, such as those shown below, can be used to solve the problem. These include a number line, t-chart, addition sentence and tally marks. Students should choose the most efficient strategy that makes sense to them. The homework question was sent home with a blank (____) for how far the frog jumps each time. This is so students can challenge themselves according to their ability and all complete the similar problems.




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