Weekly TV

Today your child should be bringing home a paper titled Weekly TV. I have asked students to make a prediction or estimate how many hours of TV they will watch over the next week and then keep track to see how many hours they actually watch. Please help your child determine the number of hours (to the nearest half hour) that they watch each day and record it on the chart. The charts will be collected next Wednesday. Thanks for supporting your child to complete this activity. We will post class results on the website next week. Below is a picture of the sheet that went home. If you have any questions or comments I would love to hear them.

weekly tv


What can you infer from their faces?


In Marty McGuire (the chapter book we are reading as part of Global Read Aloud) there is a part where Sparky the raccoon is eating Fig Newtons in Marty’s kitchen. When we discussed this, I discovered many students had never tried a Fig Newton. Not true anymore. We looked at pictures of a fresh fig, a fig tree and dried figs before diving into the taste test. Of course since we are working on data management it was the perfect time to conduct a survey. See our tally chart and pictograph for the results.



Tomorrow students will be creating their own survey questions and collecting information about the typical grade 2 or grade 3 student.


Students also continued to learn about blogging via our Global Projects blog and they had a chance to reply to the posts of their classmates. You are welcome to add a reply as well. Tomorrow we will look at the replies and discuss what makes a good reply or comment.

In science the grade 3’s started thinking about plans to construct a 20cm wide bridge out of limited materials and the grade 2’s started exploring spinning tops to determine what makes a good one.

More exciting news – I have connected with a teacher in Wisconsin and we will hopefully Skype with her class on Monday to discuss chapters 5&6 of Marty McGuire.

As always please feel free to share your comments or questions here.