Science and Social Studies

This slideshow covers a number of the science activities from the last month or so. The grade 3’s completed experiements connected to gravity and magnetic force and also built their own paddle boats. The grade 2’s worked on making clay float, building boats to hold pennies as well as testing how a variety of solids and liquids mix.

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These pictures are from our Early Settler/Celebrations Day. Carrots, cornbread and variety of other foods were the highlight of this event.

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Yesterday’s theme was definitely collaboration. To begin, Mrs. Ho and I collaborated on our planning for the day. In the morning the grade 1’s and 3’s worked together to learn how maple syrup was made in the 1800’s. Later the grade 1’s enjoyed time in the gym with Miss Isaak while the grade 3’s were wowed by Mrs. Ho’s presentation about quilts and early settlers. I spent the afternoon learning and sharing with colleagues at an HWDSB math inservice. A day made great with collaboration!

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” —Helen Keller

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