We’ve been~

~exploring area and perimeter with grid paper and geoboards  (play with an online geoboard here)
~using Cuisenaire rods to create fractions (click here for online Cuisenaire rods)
~connecting and deepening our knowledge of fractions by investigating flags from around the world 
~creating art with a metre of string
~investigating liquids via The Liquid Race (grade 2 science)
~comparing the distance a car travels on various surfaces to understand friction, click here for a virtual version of our experiment and a quiz (grade 3 science)
~baking molasses cookies for our upcoming Early Settler/Celebrations & Traditions Day

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Early Settler Artifacts and Stories

On Friday we were lucky to once again welcome a volunteer from the United Empire Loyalists’ Association. Pat Blackburn arrived in full pioneer dress accompanied by numerous artifacts to help the grade 3 students deepen their understanding of pioneer life in Upper Canada. The boys and girls were engaged by Pat’s stories as well as the opportunity for hands-on exploration of the many tools, clothing items and toys that were available. Click on an individual picture for a larger image.


Blending with Pastels

Enjoy this slideshow showcasing the beautiful pastel works of art created by the grade 3’s. First the students played with the pastels, then they practiced with the pastels and finally they created with the pastels. We spent 3 art periods on this but it was well worth it. A special thanks to Mrs. Ho for sharing this link to Artisan des Arts which provided the inspiration and guidance for this project. I smile every time I pass these snowmen in the hall. I hope they make you smile too.

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