Weekly TV

Today your child should be bringing home a paper titled Weekly TV. I have asked students to make a prediction or estimate how many hours of TV they will watch over the next week and then keep track to see how many hours they actually watch. Please help your child determine the number of hours (to the nearest half hour) that they watch each day and record it on the chart. The charts will be collected next Wednesday. Thanks for supporting your child to complete this activity. We will post class results on the website next week. Below is a picture of the sheet that went home. If you have any questions or comments I would love to hear them.

weekly tv

Halloween Padlet Homework

This is also posted on the Homework page of the website.

Halloween Padlet – Due October 25th

  1. Find a school appropriate Halloween joke or riddle that you think your classmates would enjoy. If you are searching online a safe search engine is www.kidrex.org. You can also look for books and magazines at the school or city library.
  2. Visit our Halloween Jokes and Riddles Padlet. I will provide the password at school.
  3. Double-click anywhere to add your name and joke or riddle.
  4. Do not provide the answer or punchline.
  5. Check your spelling and punctuation before you post. No excuses!
  6. Check back daily to read the jokes and riddles your classmates have posted.

Blog Homework

Here is a copy of my post on our class blog via HWDSB Commons.

Thanks to everyone who did their blog homework last week. You thought up some interesting questions for Commander Hadfield. I wonder if you could find the anwers to those questions by doing your own research. If you decide to research any of the questions, please add your answers to the blog as replies to the appropriate post.

This week’s homework is to give your opinion on homework. Do you think grade 3′s should have homework? Why or why not? How much? Remember to support you answer with reasons. I can’t wait to read your responses.

Blogging Homework

Grade 3 Blog Homework – Due Thursday.

HWDSB Commons


Finish your post if you did not finish during class today and:

1.       Read the text Bye-Bye,Junk Food again.

2.       Discuss the text with someone at home.

3.       Read what your classmates posted about the text.

4.       Comment on at least 2 of your classmate’s posts.

A comment can include:

– agreeing or disagreeing and explaining why

– asking a thoughtful question

-giving a compliment