Early Settlers Era Day

Below are some excerpts taken from students’ reflections on our Early Settlers Era Day. Some students also requested the cornbread recipe so they could teach their family how to make it. You can find it here. This post wraps up with a slideshow of some of the activities. Enjoy!

My favourite part of the Early Settlers Day was when we ate like the early settlers. (Andrew)
My favourite part was when I poured the baking powder in the bowl. (Jacob)
It was fun to make the cornbread and butter. (Sohrab)
Everyone ate and tried to follow the early settler rules like NO eating until everyone is sitting down. (Chanelle)
It was so fun because we helped peel the carrots and potatoes, we also made the cornbread. (Kudzwai)
We didn’t do everything like early settlers but we did play Post Office in the gym. (Omare)
My favourite part was all the food because there was turkey, cornbread, potatoes, carrots and stuffing. (Brodie)
We shook cream to make butter. Each child shook 2 bottles for 1 minute. (Sarah)
After we ate we played a game called Post Office which is like Duck, Duck, Goose then we came back and played charades. (Jeremy)
Yesterday the grade 3’s had a feast like the pioneers. I said almost because the pioneers weren’t allowed to talk while they were eating. (Riley)
I like the rule no elbows on the table. (Mojtaba)
I liked how everyone helped to make the food like cornbread, potatoes and carrots. (Hajar)
It was like our early settler family. (Fozia)
I got to peel a carrot and I made it look like me. It was funny when I looked at my carrot. It looked like a monster not me. (Samra)
We needed to shake the whip cream in the jar to make butter. It was fun shaking the jar but it was really tiring. (Maylie)
Yesterday my favourite part of the day was when we got to eat because we helped make some of the food. (Ahmad)
I liked the part when everyone shook the butter in the jar. Then Ms. Duemm put the cornbread on the stove. (Fatimah)

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