Mystery Skype

On Friday we had our first Mystery Skype video call. Mystery Skype is a connection with another class where the goal is for students to ask questions to determine another school’s location, while answering questions about their own location. For our first call, students started with the knowledge that the location was somewhere in Canada and that questions would be limited to those that have yes or no answers. I have to admit I was a bit nervous and wasn’t sure I had prepared students adequately, but there was only one way to find out. Our map of Canada was on the wall, students had laptops and iPads at the ready, primary atlases were open, cardinal directions had been reviewed as well as the names of the territories and provinces. It was time to jump in and give it try. Overall the call went smoothly and the grade 2’s and 3’s were successful in discovering that Ecole Dieppe is located in Winnipeg, Manitoba. During the call a few students had the role of recording questions. We will go back and reflect on these next week, as well as discuss what we learned, what went well and how we can do better next time. Ask your child to share his/her thoughts about our first Mystery Skype.

Blogger of the Week

This week we did an O.R.E.O. Project that we stacked Oreos and we counted how many we did. It was hard to balance the cookies on to another. It was fun to do it. We Skyped with Mr. Hopkins. He was somewhere in our school. We had to ask questions to figure out where he was. He was outside of room 2. It was really tricky. My job was an Asker so I had to ask questions for my group. Mystery Skype is tricky and cool.

By Braelyn