Blog Homework

Here is a copy of my post on our class blog via HWDSB Commons.

Thanks to everyone who did their blog homework last week. You thought up some interesting questions for Commander Hadfield. I wonder if you could find the anwers to those questions by doing your own research. If you decide to research any of the questions, please add your answers to the blog as replies to the appropriate post.

This week’s homework is to give your opinion on homework. Do you think grade 3′s should have homework? Why or why not? How much? Remember to support you answer with reasons. I can’t wait to read your responses.

Spring Forward

daylight savings

Yay! Daylight Saving Time is Here! is a kid friendly article about changing the clocks. This  american perspective doesn’t inform that in Canada, Saskatchewan and some parts of British Columbia don’t spring forward or fall back. Changing the clocks is controversial as studies have shown a relationship with negative health effects. It can also be tough for kids to adapt their routines. Read what one expert has to say here. What do you think? Is changing the clocks a good or bad idea? Discuss with your child.