Fables and Fairy Tales

Today we will start our new unit on Fables and Fairy Tales. We will use Padlet and our iPads to share what we already know about these stories that are part of the traditioinal literature genre.

Fairy Tales Padlet
Fables Padlet

Halloween Padlet Homework

This is also posted on the Homework page of the website.

Halloween Padlet – Due October 25th

  1. Find a school appropriate Halloween joke or riddle that you think your classmates would enjoy. If you are searching online a safe search engine is www.kidrex.org. You can also look for books and magazines at the school or city library.
  2. Visit our Halloween Jokes and Riddles Padlet. I will provide the password at school.
  3. Double-click anywhere to add your name and joke or riddle.
  4. Do not provide the answer or punchline.
  5. Check your spelling and punctuation before you post. No excuses!
  6. Check back daily to read the jokes and riddles your classmates have posted.