Peg and the Yeti

The primary classes were entertained by the Carousel Players today as they performed Peg and the Yeti. Ask your child to retell the play and name her/his favourite parts and characters. What can we learn from the Peg and the Yeti?

Reflecting on Math Homework

Each week students have an open-ended math homework question to complete. On Thursdays or Fridays students share their strategies and solutions with a partner. The conversations that I hear always make me smile. Students are genuinely interested in their peers’ work and are increasingly using math vocabulary to ask questions and share their own thinking. After the partner sharing we look at some answers as a class and further discuss best strategies and ways to communicate our thinking.


A Terrific Thursday

The energetic and enthusiastic bunch of kids in room 6 had a great final day before “the break”. Wearing pyjamas and cuddling their stuffed friends, the boys and girls had a day filled with fun and learning. Some great math thinking wrapped up our unit on time. We did a few multiple choice questions together and then the grade 2’s and 3’s worked with a partner on problem solving. A key learning from today was to remember to look back and make sure the question was answered. Often in a multistep problem, students show all their work and then forget to write a sentence that answers the question. The students did a great job of organizing their work and showing their thinking using lists and charts. The rest of the day was spent finishing up social studies reports, playing Elephant Ball, seeing Mrs. Andreychuk for music, heading to the gym for D.P.A. and inviting room 4 to come and learn how to blow bubbles with us.