Science, Self-assessment & Proportional Reasoning

We are excited to embark on our next journey of learning in science. Here are the big ideas that will be explored.Today each grade shared their prior knowledge in a Knowledge Building Circle and then recorded this knowledge in a format of their choosing. Image
Here are a few examples of the growth students are showing in the self-assessment of their writing. Click to view a larger picture.

Today’s math problem involved multiplication and proportional reasoning. Unfortunately, I did not take pictures but would like to share how impressed I was with the communication of math thinking. Students are using pictures, numbers, labels, symbols and words to clearly show their work and solutions. For more information on proportional reasoning check out this video- The Importance of Proportional Reasoning in Your Child’s Math Development.

Fun Friday

We read chapter 6 of Marty Mcguire. Students recorded connections they made and also blogged about what role they would choose in the play The Frog Prince. You can read and  reply to the responses here. In Math students continued with their surveys about grade 2 and 3 students. We are learning that collecting data can be tricky. Below is also a picture of our calendar. Can you identify the pattern and which attributes are changing?

P1000938 surveys

Learning skills are the foundation of student acheivement. To help students become aware of their strengths and needs in this area, throughout the year we will focus on the different learning skills that are covered on student report cards. We have started with independent work. The grade 2’s and 3’s have self-assessed their skills in this area and set a goal or two to work on. They will reassess in a few weeks to see if improvements have been made.


This afternoon we had a special guest. Our community police officer, Officer V, came to talk to the class about getting along and how to deal with a Bully. The class enjoyed the presentation and learned the key message: STOP, WALK, and TALK. Ask your child to explain this to you. Officer V also showed us the many pieces of equipment she wears and answered a variety of questions from our curious audience.

Officer V

To round out the day we had a few more For the Love of Reading presentations as well as some time to practise writing personal narratives. Our wall of fame is filling up! The Friday finale was music with Mrs. A.