2D Geometry

Over the past week the grade 2’s and 3’s have been exploring, describing and identifying 2-dimensional shapes. The photos below demonstrate students’ understanding of the relationship between various pattern blocks. The same pictures can be made using different sets of blocks. Scroll beyond the slideshow to find learning links to games, songs and tutorials connected to the expectations that have been covered.

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The grade 2’s were excited to have a visit from Mrs. Zandstra to read Grandfather Tang’s Story and guide their learning using Tangrams. You can find a link to the story and find out more about Tangrams here.

Study Jams – Types of Lines
Study Jams – Classify Quadrilaterals (gr. 3)
Study Jams – Lines of Symmetry
Study Jams – Congruent Figures
IXL Math – Angles (gr.3)
NLVM – Online Geometry Math Tools (pattern blocks, geoboards, Tangrams and more)
Math Playground – Polygon Matching Game
Polygon Shape Shoot
Fact Monster – Baseball Geometry
Math is Fun – Definitions – vertex (vertices), side, polygonparallelogram



Grandfather Tang's StoryToday we listened to Grandfather Tang’s Story on Vimeo using the Smartboard since I couldn’t find the school copy. Technology saves the day! You can listen to it here too. As new animals were introduced in the story, students used the Tangrams with great enthusiasm to create the different animals. Some were more challenging than others. To be successful students had to pay close attention to the position of the sides and vertices of the 7 Tangram shapes. Click here for a printable Tangram to use at home. You can also find larger pictures of the animals from Grandfather Tang’s Story here. Print out 2 sets and see who can make the animals faster or create your own animals using all of the 7 shapes. Which animal did you find the hardest to make?