Early Settler Artifacts and Stories

On Friday we were lucky to once again welcome a volunteer from the United Empire Loyalists’ Association. Pat Blackburn arrived in full pioneer dress accompanied by numerous artifacts to help the grade 3 students deepen their understanding of pioneer life in Upper Canada. The boys and girls were engaged by Pat’s stories as well as the opportunity for hands-on exploration of the many tools, clothing items and toys that were available. Click on an individual picture for a larger image.


Early Settlers Presentation

We were very lucky to have a visit from Mrs. Nicholson. Her ancestors were part of the many early settlers who found their new home in Upper Canada. Mrs. Nicholson gave an engaging presentation, highlighted by the dozens of artifacts that made the 1800’s come to life in our library. Thanks to the United Empire Loyalists, this program is provided free to grade 3 and 7 classes. I was also extremely proud of her comments that the students had great questions and answers during the program and wonderful behaviour. Enjoy the pictures!

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